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Asgardian Stones Slot

Asgardian Stones Slot The story of the Asgardian Stones game centres around the Nordic mythology, which is suggested by its Asgard names as well as the numerous runes seen on its start-up screens. This is a slot game that comes with 20 fixed pay lines, 3 rows, and 5 rows. The game is played with signs being fixed into position as an alternative to using spinning reels. Runes with a winning combination will normally disappear (explode). These are then replaced by a whole new set of symbols, which if all goes well, means more winnings for the Asgardian Stones player. The player will be paid when 3 or more symbols of a similar type occur in the same consecutive column. The symbols have to occur from left and then land on a pay line for the player to win. At Casino Advisers, we noted that the Asgardian Stones game has an RTP of about 96.31%.

Symbols Used in Asgardian Stones

In total, there are nine symbols which appear all through the game and this is not taking a bonus wheel into consideration. Of the 9, 5 symbols are premium and are generally made using stone faces featuring various colours. The red stone face is normally at the top as it is the actual boss. Low symbols tend to have normal letters, e.g., A, K, and Q. The Asgardian Stones game also comes with a wild symbol, which is, in reality, a substitute for other symbols, but not the bonus wheel.

Features of Asgardian Stones

Colossal Symbols

You should note that the Asgardian Stones symbols can also appear as colossal versions. This is for both the bonus and the main game. Wild symbols, on the other hand, can as well as appear as colossal symbols, but only when playing the main game. The colossal symbols are mainly made from the 2*2 or 3*3 blocks.
This means that there is always a possibility that these symbols will not be displayed in full. It all depends on how these symbols land on your reels. The downside is that it is not possible for you to get two or more of these symbols at one time.

Colossal Crush

These are the same as colossal symbols the only difference being that these particular set of Asgardian Stones symbols can actually crush all the other symbols that are below them. Often, the crushing will occur in a random manner. When the crushes occur and a given row is crushed, a particular multiplier will be added. It can either be *2 or *4. The multiplier that has been added will normally have the potential to result in very good winnings for the player when dealing with the main game.

Bonus Wheel Feature

In Asgardian Stones, we noticed that the Bonus Wheel appears in the form of a symbol block containing 3*3 symbols. Traditionally, the symbols should land on the last three reels. This is regardless of whether you are playing the bonus game or the main game. It can also partially or fully land in your main play area. When this occurs, you will note that only a few of your eight main sections will remain visible.

Free Spins

One crucial factor about the bonus is that all the Wild Symbols will normally appear in the form of colossal symbols. In case the colossal wild occurs as part of your win, then it will end up being split into 1*1 symbols. Also note that your bonus wheel can only be reactivated for a total of 3 times when dealing with free spins, but it is capable of activating a total of twenty-five additional spins.

Asgardian Stones Soundtrack and Theme

The Asgardian Stones game has a very dark feel. Even though the game tends to deal with Norse divinities that are only found in Asgard land, it is not easy to overlook the fact that you are actually playing within the underworld realms as there are tombstones spread out all over.
As you visit different reals, you can be rest assured that you will find yourself facing all manner of gloom. However, behind the Asgardian City reels lies hope. Although it is quite in the distance, there is hope of better times that are however too far behind the player’s reach. You can, however, play the wall of headed statues for an opportunity to win godlike rewards.

Casino Advisers noted that the visuals in Asgardian Stones are nothing short of stunning. They feature remarkable engines coupled with some of the best 3D graphics you can expect to find in a game of this nature. All figures are lifelike and are well defined. The soundtrack nonetheless has an eerie feel to it. But when it is combined with the visuals, it helps to bring about an amazing element to the overall gaming experience. Asgardian Stones has an ambience that is quite ghostly. If playing at night, you may find yourself having to regularly check behind yourself every once in a while.

Casino Advisers Takeaway

As mentioned above the graphics are exemplary and games provider NetEnt really did an outstanding job with the Asgardian Stones game. Its production is marvellous which helps the game stand out from all the others. Its gameplay is smooth and you are not likely to come across any annoyances which might ruin your gaming experience. Although the maximum winning potentials are not clearly stated, Asgardian Stones has a medium volatility slot, which means that you may end up with a bin winning reward.