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Jumanji Slot

Jumanji Slot Jumanji is a branded and visually stunning video developed by NetEnt. The game was officially launched on June 21, 2018. The developers chose to stick to the original 1995 cult classic blockbuster and is as entertaining as any other video slot. You can expect to be taken to new heights when playing this game as it attempts to shift you to a new universe.

Jumanji Casino Slot

The Jumanji actually plays a very crucial role in this video slot. This is because you will get an opportunity to roll a dice to determine which particular feature will be triggered. There are four spin features that can be triggered by the dice. In addition, the game also comes with a number of bonus features—all random.

Jumanji Technical Data, Variance, and RTP

Before we at Casino Advisers jump into the features that the Jumanji slot has on offer, we thought it would be nice to provide you with a basic idea of some of the technical data behind the game. They include:

• Max possible wins: 54000 pounds
• RTP: 96.33%
• Bets: 0.1 to 200
• Variance/Volatility rate: low to medium
• Bonus features: bonus game, symbol shuffle, and free spins
• Layout: 3-4-5-4-3
• Pay lines: 36

The RTP in Jumanji is a bit average, but it also happens to be higher than what many other games in the industry are providing as many hovers around the 96% mark. The RTP is often a theoretical figure which also features the amount of money that you can expect each slot to pay out as a win after your game. You should also take note of the fact that this is a low-to-medium variance game. This means that Jumanji is in overall very easy going. This is an indication that the wins are likely to get smaller with time.

Jumanji Review

Jumanji, which is based on the original blockbuster featuring the late Robin Williams was released in 1995 and received massive acclaim among moviegoers. As for the game, it comes with a total of 36 fixed pay lines and 5 reels. It is also possible for you to place bets from as low as 10 pounds. The maximum you can bet on is 200 pounds.
It comes with an entertaining 3D introduction from NetEnt, a mind-blowing authentic atmosphere, and stunning visuals. If you are a fan of the original Jumanji movie, you can rest assured that the bonus features and the special effects will not disappoint in any way. Based on our research, we have come to find that this is one of the most entertaining and popular slots released in 2018.

As mentioned earlier, the game setup is based on the famous board game featured in the Jumanji movie. Additionally, it comes with a number of random bonus features such as four different free spins, wild rhinos running all over the reels, and a Mystery Feature. The slot is basically jam-packed with adventure, action, and lots of fun for the player.

Bonus Features on Jumanji

When Casino Advisers mentioned that this game was filled with all kinds of entertaining and amazing features, we were not lying. We have covered all these features for you below:

Sticky Vines

Sticky vines are random features in Jumanji. They are likely to occur at any point after you have won a free spin. However, the symbols that have won will normally be held by the sticky vines as you earn yourself a re-spin. Note that any other wild character that may be existent on the reels will also be tagged for your re-spin.

Monsoon Wilds

Do not place too much focus on the leaping crocodiles as they are in fact heralds of these Monsoon Wilds. You will find that 1 or 2 of the reels on Jumanji will be enclosed by wilds. However, these do not apply to the 5th reel. It, therefore, enhances your chances of winning a decent reward.

Monkey Mayhem

The monkeys on Jumanji will normally do what the ordinary monkeys are known for—causing mayhem. But instead of attacking people, the monkeys here actually cause mayhem on the reels. Their task is to rearrange your characters in order to improve your chances of winning. A monkey will randomly rearrange the characters after the first spin. The good news is that you are always guaranteed a decent win when dealing with this feature.

Wild Stampede

The Wild Stampede feature is actually a line from the Jumanji movie. The moment you notice the bookcase in your slot get smashed and rhinos start running across the reels, you will get a good idea of what it is that we are talking about. Once the dust has finally settled, you can expect to find a number of wilds—usually between four and nine—that have been left behind by the rhinos.

Board Game

You are probably thinking that the features above are already too many, but the reality with the developers is that they go above and beyond when it comes to appeasing their fans. The board games always begin every time you land yourself at least three characters. The total number of scatters you have achieved will normally determine the number of dice rolls you will get to make.

Casino Advisers Takeaway

Jumanji is a great game from the moment you start it all the way to the end. It also happens to have one of the best visuals ever developed by NetEnt. The developers tried their best to stick to the script of the original movie, which means you are going to have lots of fun with all the features that have been incorporated into it.