July 14, 2022

Online Lottery

One of the most common and popular gambling forms is the lottery. It has also been around for many years and is constantly increasing. You can now enjoy some of the best online lottery UK games anytime you want to.

We will help you find the best UK lotto games, free lottery cards, results, jackpots and everything else you need to know!

Best Lotto Sites UK

Find the best best online lottery UK sites and game to enjoy here.

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Lottery not a new invention

Gambling and especially online betting might be on everyone’s lips these days. However, the attraction and excitement about gambling are as old as the dawn of man. Although the earliest tangible evidence stems from 200 bc in Ancient China.

In an archaeological dig, tiles unearthed that tied to an early game of chance, with close resemblance to the Lotto product we see today. And the historical introduction of Lottery indicates that it was first used to fund government projects and fill the tax chest.

And it might come as a surprise to you. But ivy league schools like Harvard and Yale both secure funding to start building by organising a lottery, and continue to do so to this day. Even the UK has been in the Lottery game since the Tudor period.

The UK and its Lottery history

Although the evidence doesn’t support the fact that the Lottery has been around as long as humanity been alive. However, we know that the earliest evidence of a UK nationwide lottery roots from Elizabeth I reign. In fact, in the 1560s, the UK was running low on money to build harbour facilities and ships.

But instead of raising the taxes, Elizabeth I choose to initiate and support a lottery. Four hundred thousand tickets went for sale to the cost of 10 shillings apiece for a draw on January 11th 1567.

However, the price structure back in those days was slightly different from what we see today. And besides from collecting cash prizes, also included in the winnings was linen, tapestries, and plates.

Camelot organised it from day one

Fast forward to modern time, more precisely November 19th 1994. Britain braced themselves for the first-ever Lottery in the best online lottery UK draw put together by the operator Camelot. That caught the attention of 15 million players, and over 35 million tickets sold to the price of £1.

In the televised event held by Noel Edmonds, the population was on the edge of their seat as the six number 30, 3, 5, 44, 14, 22 and bonus number 10 marked its place in history. The following day, it all became very real as seven jackpot winners presented to the UK and the world.

Sharing a price pool of £5,874,778. Taking the inflation rate into consideration, the prize sum in today’s value would be £9,840,904.88!

Free Lottery

As being one of the oldest forms of betting, Lotto comes in many shapes and sizes. And has evolved into so much more than just a bunch of number fall into place. And putting your numbers down can fill you up with excitement, and wish full thinking.

Free Lottery Ticket in the UK

In the end, someone usually picks the right winning combination and line their pockets with Millions of £. Why can’t this somebody be you? But are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? If not, we might just have the solution for you, how does free Lotto sounds? However, it’s a jungle out there, and finding a free of charge product is not easy. Although, if you do your homework you will find some Free Lottery product that you can test out. Intrigued? If that’s the case, keep on reading, and we will give you the load-out on Free Lottery.

Win prizes without any deposit

So how may you enter a Lotto without putting any money at stake? Well, first let’s get one thing crystal clear. Although online sites are offering Free Lotto, the prize pool comes in a much smaller scale. And it sits no way near what the National Lottery or Lotto betting sites offer. However, it’s completely free with no strings attached. And typical Grand Jackpot on a Free Lottery site rounds up to an average of £10,000. So, back to the question, how can you win money without paying for a Lotto ticket? It’s quite easy as a matter of fact; the prize pool generates by other sources, such as advertisement. And if you think about it, you take advantage of free things every day without batting an eye, like reading news or check out restaurant reviews. And Free Lotto is therefore no different.

best online lottery UK

Keep away from shady business

Yes, there is, of course, some sites trying to get people on board and trick them. However, as a rule of measure, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s usually are. And when you are starting to see advertisements of out of this world figures given away for free you do best in moving on to a different site. All in all, there are options to play Lotto for free; you just need to be cautious when picking the site. And be sure to do a fair amount of research before disclosing any details. But, if you like to play Lotto and be sure that you are doing it on a reputable carrier. Then look no further as we will give you some possible ways you may play Lottery and its variations for free or to the lowest cost possible.

Pay for slots play Lotto for free

On-trend now is “bet on Lotto”, and more and more top operators like Bethard, Unibet, and All British Casino has some sort of Lotto product on offer. But, what most people don’t know about is that in many cases you can use your Casino Bonus to place a Lotto bet. So why not take advantage of having the possibility to get the big bucks for free when playing your favourite slots. For example, if you are in the process of trying a new casino operator? Well, first check if they carry any Lotto product. Second, sign up and claim your Bonus. Third, place bonus funds on Lotto, simple as that. And in all fairness, should you hit the jackpot of tens of Millions £, the wagering requirement of given Bonus funds is negligible. Although it might not strictly speaking be a free option, the Lotto ticket is.

Where to find the Best Online Lottery UK

There is a couple of ways that you can partake in best online lottery UK. However, not all types are as straight forward as the first-ever held in the UK. In fact, in recent years, the industry has boomed, and new ideas and concept have come to life. But one thing that has not changed is the organiser of the National Lottery, Camelot. That currently runs and operates six different Lottery type of games, which includes the long-lasting and fan favourite “LOTTO.” But also edgier “Set For Life” where a lucky winner gets £10,000 a month for 30 years! Also available on the site is the “Euro Millions” which guarantees a new millionaire every Tuesday.

Lottery best online

We think it is worth mentioning that just because you live in the UK, you should not limit yourself within the country borders. And just because Camelot has been around for a long time doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. Indeed, some quick search online, and you see that you have more alternatives far more appealing compared to the National. Which is the option called “Bet on Lotto.” Now, to be sure that its reputable and reliable operators.

All you have to it to check the licence. And nine out of ten, the licence issuer and regulatory body are The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). Which is the same government organisation monitoring Camelot. So, in the end. As long as you see that the UKGC has issued a license, which any provider need to have to operate in the UK, you are in good hands. Also when it comes to online lottery there is plenty of these lottery sites that offer free lottery tickets. This is a way to attract new players but a great possibility for you on a chance to win money for free.

In for a king’s ransom, stay online

Sure, you might just walk down to your local shop and purchase a physical ticket. Although, word to the cautious, it comes with an added risk. And it’s as simple; you might actually lose the ticket! Therefore, filling your Lottery need online is far safer and convenient. Plus, playing online lotto grants you access to some of the biggest jackpots there is to win. In all fairness, who has not heard about the “Power Ball” or “Mega Millions.” Let’s take Power Ball as an example, just off the bat it’s far superior to any UK offered ones. With a minimum jackpot of £32,1 Million ($40 M) average out on £113 Million ($141 M) in its 27 years existence. But more impressive is the record-breaking sum of £1,272 Billion ($1,586 B) set back in January 13th 2016. That was split in between three different ticket holders.

Fun facts about Best Online Lottery UK

First off, you might not think that the number combination makes any difference, after all its random draw. Think again, or not, it depends if you are a statistics person. As a matter of fact, some number does come up more often than others. And the strange thing is that it depends on what country the Lottery is at. Where the US has a set number over-represented time after time, while the UK has a completely different. So, if you do rely on statistics, make sure to do some investigation before you place any bets. Also, a thing not to do is to put down 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 as the winning combination. As estimations are that around 3-5% of all handed in tickets have that combination. So if you don’t like to share your winnings, stay away from that combination.

Online Lotto versus Offline Lotto

Test of time, Lotto and its variation of the product has been popular for a long time now. Nevertheless, its a new dawn on the horizon which means that operators and betting shops need to adapt to the trends. These days it’s simply more to choose from than just one option, while in the beginning, buying a physical Lotto ticket was the only big winning product. Besides being an outdated option, the player demographic that spends the most money every week is between 50-64 years of age. Which, if we look at the latest trends in online gambling is not the target market. And so, the conclusion and verdict are that an offline option vill soon only be a page number in the history books.

Lottery has nothing to fear

That is to say, the product as a whole will remain popular. At least as long as there is an interest in gambling. In other words, the Lottery will stand out from the crowd, no matter the competition it faces. But, we will most definitely see many more variations, spinoff, and similar products as the future of Lottery carve its position in stone. And it goes to show, Old is still gold.


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