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Deposit Bonus vs. No Deposit Bonus: Choose a Profit

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The no-deposit bonuses offered by the Canadian online casinos look very attractive at first glance: who would refuse a few gaming currency units if they don’t need to deposit their own funds to receive them? However, it should be understood that no operator will distribute money without a guarantee that part of it will return to it. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the best Canadian online casino bonuses, certain conditions are usually required. Let’s see what is actually more profitable: deposit or no deposit bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses

According to the online casino ‘glossary’, these are bonuses that don’t require any money to be deposited into the account in order to be activated or redeemed. What are no deposit bonuses?

Kinds of no deposit bonuses

Bonus for registration. Such a welcome bonus is given to all new users of the online casino. Some operators are ready to charge money even to those who haven’t deposited a cent into the account. Such bonuses are rather small, as well as certain wagering conditions, that sometimes are quite disadvantageous for the gambler. However, the bonus for registering at a casino without a deposit has a benefit – the gambler doesn’t need to risk their own money.

Referral bonus. It is issued to those who manage to attract their friends, acquaintances, followers/blog readers to the casino. It’s important that the referral signs up and makes a deposit.

Sticky’ bonus. Issued so that the gambler can place bets. If the bets are successful, the casino takes the previously issued bonus from the winning amount. Otherwise, the casino also takes away the bonus from the gambler’s account. Usually, a certain short period is given to use a ‘sticky’ bonus, after which the accrued amount is taken away.

Cashback bonus. It’s given for losing on some slots as compensation. The main goal is to maintain the gambler’s loyalty. Finding an online casino with a bonus of this type is quite difficult, since such payments are unprofitable for the online casinos.

Types of no deposit bonuses

There are three types of no deposit bonuses that online casinos usually offer to players: cash, chips, and free spins.

Cash bonus. The gambler gets this bonus in the form of an electronic notification. A gift from the casino cannot be cashed out, the gambler can only play with this money. The cash bonus is usually not very ‘generous’, around 5-10 dollars, but there are exceptions when the player gets a gift of 50 or 100 dollars. For a cash bonus, as for any bonus, there are game conditions. So, for example, a cash bonus cannot be used in any game that a gambler wants. The online casino prepares a list of slots or other games for which this bonus is intended.

Also, the cash bonus has wagering conditions, without which the winnings from this bonus cannot be withdrawn by the player from the gaming account to a bank account or e-wallet. This is where a small cash bonus is useful for the player, because small no deposit bonuses usually have not very high wagering requirements.

Chip bonus. The same thing happens with the no deposit bonus, which is offered in the form of chips. They cannot be cashed out, the gambler can only play them. The chip bonus also has wagering requirements.

Free spin bonus. This is the most popular type of no deposit bonus, as most players from the entire assortment of the gaming lobby choose slots. It’s impossible to change the bet value of each free spin on your own, as it’s predetermined by the terms of the bonus. The number of free spins in the bonus is set by the online casino and usually ranges from 5 to 100 spins. Free spins also have wagering conditions, without which the money won thanks to such a bonus cannot be withdrawn from the game account.

Deposit bonuses

The very concept of a deposit bonus implies that in order to receive it, you have to deposit a certain amount of currency into your account. Usually, in the conditions for slots or in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of an online casino, the minimum amount of a deposit bonus is prescribed.

Important: before registering at an online casino for a welcome package for the 1st deposit, please read all the offers of an online casino. Sometimes the casino you choose may be a 1$ deposit online casino, meaning you have a choice. It’s possible to opt for a $1 minimum deposit by withdrawing it after registration, which is a good option for gamblers with a limited gaming wallet. Or you can refuse this deposit option and pick up a welcome package that ‘costs’ more, for example $10. Both bonuses cannot be selected at the same time, therefore, in order to make the right choice for sure, you should pay attention to studying the bonus options offered by the online casino in advance.

Types of deposit bonuses

Bonus for registering at an online casino and making the 1st deposit. This is a standard type of welcome bonus for serious establishments. As a rule, the casino is ready to double your deposit, but it must be within the specified range.

High roller bonus. This is what gamblers who play for high stakes are called. Of course, each online casino is happy to see the high rollers on its website, and therefore the casinos are trying to offer them the best conditions and bonuses for registration.

Bonuses for using a specific payment system, for example, an e-wallet, Visa or Mastercard bank cards. Such bonuses are not uncommon, they serve to increase the popularity of the payment system and increase the loyalty of online casino users.

Fixed prize. It is issued in the form of a certain amount when replenishing the deposit. For example, for every $100, the casino can offer $5 on top.

Bonus valid during a certain period. A kind of fixed prize, but also limited in time.

In conclusion

When comparing a no deposit bonus with a deposit bonus, it seems that the no deposit one is more profitable. But when choosing an online casino with a no deposit bonus, you should know that the casinos make really profitable offers only to their regulars. Only by regularly using all the possibilities of the Canadian casinos, you can count on pleasant bonuses without difficult wagering conditions, as is often the case. Therefore, before accepting the terms of the casino, read them carefully to avoid ‘pitfalls’.