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Evolution takes you back to the 80’s

Evolutions Side Bet City

In recent news, we learned that Evolution launched a new product called Side Bet City. Which, according to the developer, will add something unique and different to their broad selection of poker alternatives they already have to offer. But what’s more, the poker room and its atmosphere is in the heart of Las Vegas in the 80s. Which, of course, means a lot of bright colours and shiny neon lights. So, up for a trip to Sin City to experience the new poker table first hand?

Best in the discipline

When it comes to live casino, no one does it better than Evolution Gaming. Which they have proven time after time in numerous award ceremonies. And to be ahead of the competition you need to be able to offer something new, ground-breaking, and exiting. And that is exactly what Evolution is doing with Side Bet City. Not only is it an easy way for players that are new to poker to learn. But it will also entice experienced players due to its big payouts. Indeed, with a paytable of 1000 to 1, the possibilities for hitting it big are real. Commented on the release was Evolution’s Chief Product Officer, Todd Haushalter. “The game will attract the widest range of players with the way the game plays out.” Plus, he also pointed out that. “Side Bet City is a fast, simple live poker game with big payouts.”

How does it work

First of all, you are not playing against the dealer or any other player. This allows an indefinite number of players to participate at once. In fact, you play against a paytable were winnings bases on all the normal poker hands. Players then place one or multiple bets on, if there will be a winning poker hand after 3, 5, or 7 cards have hit the table, simple as that. In addition to betting on a winning hand, the player may also place a bet on “All Lose.” In essence, after all the 7 cards are on the table and no winning hand displays, it’s a win. Finally, after every hand, the dealer will swap out the deck for a brand new one and repeat the process. In simpler words, this is poker with no waiting time.

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