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Fundraising with a bingo night

Organise Bingo Night

Did you know that in the UK you as an individual can organise a Bingo night to raise funds for a charity? And it’s all ok in the eyes of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). But what’s more, it’s also far simpler than you might think. Sure, you still need to comply with some rules and guidelines. However, compared to an online Bingo operator, it’s easy as one, two, three. Literally, it’s only three main rules you need to follow and comply with. So, should we find out how you can enjoy a Bingo night with friends, family, and your local community? Where you not only have a good time but raise funds at the same time to something important to you.

Do it right with Bingo

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty how you organise a great Bingo event in the name of charity. The first and most important aspect is that the event needs to run as a non-commercial and equal chance gaming experience. Which means that all participants have an equal chance to win. But also that no one is competing against a “bank.” Second, any cost to participate need to come in the form of a participation fee, entrance fee. Or in a similar fashion related to the game, which can’t exceed £8 per day. Where the total prize pool remains under £600. However, in the case of a final in a tournament or series of games, the prize can be high as £900. With the stipulation, that all of the players have previously taken part. Finally, all the money gained from the event needs to go to a good cause. We think this will become a popular marketing thing for new bingo sites in the UK.

Good planning keeps you within regulations

Apart from the three main guidelines to follow. You also need to announce where the money is going. But also the prize structure that can’t rely on the number of participants or raising of the stakes. All of which need to get disclosed well in advance before the start of the event. And at no point can you take any of the proceeds for personal use. With a small exception from reasonable costs. That includes a 3rd party selling refreshments and sourcing the prizes. And as long as you stay within the framework, you are not obliged to seek a licence. So, how about it, up for organising a Bingo night while supporting something good? In the end, it’s simple!

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