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New Games & New bonuses for English sites!

New Game From Evolution Gaming

The top tier live casino provider; Evolution Gaming keeps on expanding on its fast-paced products. And in recent news, the game supplier revealed that they boosted its Lightning content with a new product. Although, initial speculation and thought were that the product next in line would be a Lightning Blackjack. By which they kind of already delivered with their super-fast Live Blackjack variant, that they launched in January 2020. However, instead, Evolution decided to take a different avenue and add Lightning Baccarat to its available offerings. Which might just be a stroke of genius from their part. Not sure why? Well stick around, and we will give you an explanation, not only of the game but why we thing Lightning Baccarat was the right move. Also make sure you keep an eye open for all English casino sites which might have an bonus offer with this game.

Quick facts on Lightning Baccarat

So what makes Lightning Baccarat different from a “normal Baccarat? First, of, the betting patterns remain, “Player”, “Tie”, and “Banker” as being the backbone of Baccarat. However, what’s new is the 1 to 5 random lightning multiplying cards that get drawn from a virtual deck of 52 cards on every hand. Meaning that, if your card you got match up with any of the 1 to 5 random multiplying card your win is consequently multiplied with that number that displays. That stretches from 3x to 8x. But here is the kicker, all of your 3 dealt cards can multiply. To explain, say that you have 3 of the Lightning cards matched up, they keep on multiplying. So let’s pretend that there are 3 cards with 8x showing and if we apply some quick math and you win 8x8x8=512x your stake.

Win £500,000 on a tie

Indeed, you actually have the chance to walk away with a £500,000 win! So say that you “Tie” with the bank and all cards represent in the Lighting cards as well, yes you guessed it, all keep on multiplying. With the same logic as a “Player” win 8x8x8x8x8x8x=262,144x your stake.

Easy to play Lightning Baccarat

Despite popular belief, Baccarat is fairly simple to understand. Sure it all looks complicated and fast-paced. But it will only take you a quick minute to learn the general rules of the game. However, you do need to know what type you play first. Which include Punto Banco (most common), Chemin de Fer, Baccarat en Banque, Super Pan 9, and Three Card Baccarat. That basically only have different draw rules and player interactions. But all in all the end game is the same, and you only need to keep track of 3 essentials “Player”, “Tie”, and “Banker.” And due to its easy interface and simple game rules, we at CasinoAdvisers think its perfect timing for live casino lovers to get in on the action and try your luck on Lightning Baccarat.

Evolution evolves

It was close to 2 years ago Evolution launched the Lightning series, starting with Roulette (2018) that followed by Dice (2019). And according to the Chief Product Officer of Evolution, Todd Haushalter they both have proven a great concept and fruitful to the company. And launching a Baccarat product was the natural step to take. Still haven’t tried any of the Lighting products? Well, before you do, always check out our campaign page for available casino bonuses to grab before you embark on your live casino venture.