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Operator adds Sportsbook

Videoslots on track for a sportsbook

A massive piece of news just dropped from the giant casino provider, Videoslots. And according to sources, the operator that previously solely offered a casino environment is now to widen its offering. Which will be in the form of a brand new sportsbook. Yes, you read right, the industry titan that houses an impressive amount of game providers and slots are getting into sports betting. The collaborating partner that the operator chooses to fulfil this task is no other then Betradar. That consequently will help with all the trading. But also risk management when the product goes live in early 2020.

True to its brand and customers

A long-time customer to Videoslots and afraid that the identity will change? If that’s the case, we can put those fear to rest, as Videoslots will get a tailored solution, Managed Trading Services (MTS) from Betradar. Also, the operator is free to use its own strategy on trading, calling for Betradar’s knowledge and expertise when needed. However, the appointed Head of Sportsbook at Videoslots, Martin Calleja is no stranger to the procedure. In fact, Mr Calleja has over 10-year experience dealing with such products. And covered everything from odds compiler to head off in previous employments. And to be honest, Videoslots did the move to sportsbook back in January when Calleja started at the operator. Commenting on the news is Mr Calleja, where he mentions that “Sports betting market is bigger than ever.” And that they can’t wait to get things going.

Supporting the fact

Taking on a new partner always comes with precautions, especially when you venture into uncharted waters. But, if you do your homework the transition should be easy. Plus, Betradar has mentioned that their traders will work collaboratively with the operator. Which will maximise the efficiencies to its fullest. In the end, all of the involved partners like to see this relationship to be a fruitful one. And we cant wait to see what the final product will look and feel like from a slot lover prospective. So stay tuned, its more to come from this news. And we might just see some amazing casino bonuses on offer to cross-sell the new product!