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Pragmatic Solutions enters the UK

Pragmatic Solutions in the UK

A strategic step made from Pragmatic after applying for a UK certification. All in benefit to get its PAM platform approved. And good news all around, they are now ready to go. Essentially, it means that Pragmatic can offer its platform to all that targets the UK market. Which as we know, plays an important role if you like to get customer traction. Yet, if you like to compete with the industry, you need to offer something exciting. Or at least a similar product to existing ones. So, how is the Pragmatic’s Solution holding up against the competition in the UK?

Three important factors

First of all, the PAM platform is an open API-based system. But most importantly, it fulfils three of the most important criteria. Which are Stability, fast development, and a complete integration process. Plus, it also includes a powerful CMS, CRM, to mention the key components. All from an easily accessible and user-friendly back-end. Commenting on the UK entry is Mark Woollard, Pragmatic’s Business Development Director. “This latest certification shows the platform’s capabilities when under the most focused spotlight. Pragmatic has worked extremely hard in 2019 to expand their business. And this latest certification is a testament to the team’s ability to move quickly. But also effectively to meet client demands.” Although the UK is a market with plenty of options to choose from. Mr Woollard believes that the product will show interest. And that he is looking forward to starting the conversations.

Not Pragmatic’s first rodeo

Indeed, the provider is no stranger to work and meet criteria on regulated markets. And is already approved in Malta, Sweden, and Curacao. And now they can also add the UK to the list. Which proves that Pragmatic know how to play by the rules. But more importantly, they are willing to go the extra step to secure its success. And finally, open its doors to the lucrative UK market. Now the question is, who will be the first clients to take the provider on-board? Only time will tell, but rest assured. Casino Advisers will keep you posted on the development.

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