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Easter News

NetEnt adds new vertical to its offer

If we mention NetEnt, you will most likely think about all original titles. However, this all changed in 2019 when NetEnt announced its plans of becoming a content aggregation platform. That all kicked off with the introduction and acquisition of Red Tiger Gaming. Yet, now we learn that the plans of expansion are far greater than just to include one extra game provider to its arsenal. In fact, fitting into NetEnt’s mould and up for the task is no more than 3 other suppliers. That will not only bring fresh ideas to the platform. But also some new products for the ever-growing NetEnt fan base. And believe you us, the names that include in the list are impressive that comes with good provenance.

Now in the UK

As for now, you already have access to games from Red Tiger Gaming across multiple platforms via NetEnt’s aggregation platform in the UK. That even include some Bingo focused operators. Nevertheless, by adding providers like Games inc, G, and Scout Gaming Group, the vertical of game types, is taking off in rocket speed. Which, according to well-placed sources will include puzzle. But also strategy games, scratch cards, but more importantly for the UK players, video lottery. In fact, did you know that reports tell us that the UK love lottery so much it’s considered to be one of the most popular gambling product! As such, it makes perfect sense for NetEnt to include a product like a video lottery to its platform. But here is the kicker, all said products suppose to include massive jackpots! We have also created a list focusing on fast payout casinos so you quickly can withdrawal your lottery winnings.

We have some exciting news to impart

A surprising move from NetEnt is the introduction of sports. Yes, you read right, they are moving into the world of sports, well at least fantasy sports. By which are yet another well and timely executed move from NetEnt. Telling us one thing, the CEO Therese Hillman is still on a clear path on how to make capital and find new ways to raise popularity. That she hinted in the interim report way back in April 2019 after the January to March figures saw publication. “To respond to more competition in slot games, we make continuous improvements to our offering. Not only with more new games but also through a more diversified game portfolio.” And to be honest, it sounds like NetEnt has found a new gear and we are quite excited to see what 2020 has in store for us.

Offer diversity to conquer

It’s been a couple of years now since NetEnt being on top of its game. Sure they pushed out some great video slots, only to get beaten by its competition in innovation and crowd-pleasing. Where they went through some misfortune and struggled with leadership and a clear vision, banking on old merits and structure. However, it all is old news going into 2020 and everyone seems to be on board. Which Director of NetEnt, Rob Fell, points out by adding thing like. “Commitment of diversity” and “adding scratch cards and fantasy sports complements the content of NetEnt.” So get ready, NetEnt is most certainly back with a vengeance to once more lay claim to the throne.