Deposit Bonus vs. No Deposit Bonus: Choose a Profit

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The no-deposit bonuses offered by the Canadian online casinos look very attractive at first glance: who would refuse a few gaming currency units if they don’t need to deposit their own funds to receive them? However, it should be understood that no operator will distribute money without a guarantee that part of it will return to it. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the best Canadian online casino bonuses, certain conditions are usually required. Let’s see what is actually more profitable: deposit or no deposit bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses

According to the online casino ‘glossary’, these are bonuses that don’t require any money to be deposited into the account in order to be activated or redeemed. What are no deposit bonuses?

Kinds of no deposit bonuses

Bonus for registration. Such a welcome bonus is given to all new users of the online casino. Some operators are ready to charge money even to those who haven’t deposited a cent into the account. Such bonuses are rather small, as well as certain wagering conditions, that sometimes are quite disadvantageous for the gambler. However, the bonus for registering at a casino without a deposit has a benefit – the gambler doesn’t need to risk their own money.

Referral bonus. It is issued to those who manage to attract their friends, acquaintances, followers/blog readers to the casino. It’s important that the referral signs up and makes a deposit.

Sticky’ bonus. Issued so that the gambler can place bets. If the bets are successful, the casino takes the previously issued bonus from the winning amount. Otherwise, the casino also takes away the bonus from the gambler’s account. Usually, a certain short period is given to use a ‘sticky’ bonus, after which the accrued amount is taken away.

Cashback bonus. It’s given for losing on some slots as compensation. The main goal is to maintain the gambler’s loyalty. Finding an online casino with a bonus of this type is quite difficult, since such payments are unprofitable for the online casinos.

Types of no deposit bonuses

There are three types of no deposit bonuses that online casinos usually offer to players: cash, chips, and free spins.

Cash bonus. The gambler gets this bonus in the form of an electronic notification. A gift from the casino cannot be cashed out, the gambler can only play with this money. The cash bonus is usually not very ‘generous’, around 5-10 dollars, but there are exceptions when the player gets a gift of 50 or 100 dollars. For a cash bonus, as for any bonus, there are game conditions. So, for example, a cash bonus cannot be used in any game that a gambler wants. The online casino prepares a list of slots or other games for which this bonus is intended.

Also, the cash bonus has wagering conditions, without which the winnings from this bonus cannot be withdrawn by the player from the gaming account to a bank account or e-wallet. This is where a small cash bonus is useful for the player, because small no deposit bonuses usually have not very high wagering requirements.

Chip bonus. The same thing happens with the no deposit bonus, which is offered in the form of chips. They cannot be cashed out, the gambler can only play them. The chip bonus also has wagering requirements.

Free spin bonus. This is the most popular type of no deposit bonus, as most players from the entire assortment of the gaming lobby choose slots. It’s impossible to change the bet value of each free spin on your own, as it’s predetermined by the terms of the bonus. The number of free spins in the bonus is set by the online casino and usually ranges from 5 to 100 spins. Free spins also have wagering conditions, without which the money won thanks to such a bonus cannot be withdrawn from the game account.

Deposit bonuses

The very concept of a deposit bonus implies that in order to receive it, you have to deposit a certain amount of currency into your account. Usually, in the conditions for slots or in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of an online casino, the minimum amount of a deposit bonus is prescribed.

Important: before registering at an online casino for a welcome package for the 1st deposit, please read all the offers of an online casino. Sometimes the casino you choose may be a 1$ deposit online casino, meaning you have a choice. It’s possible to opt for a $1 minimum deposit by withdrawing it after registration, which is a good option for gamblers with a limited gaming wallet. Or you can refuse this deposit option and pick up a welcome package that ‘costs’ more, for example $10. Both bonuses cannot be selected at the same time, therefore, in order to make the right choice for sure, you should pay attention to studying the bonus options offered by the online casino in advance.

Types of deposit bonuses

Bonus for registering at an online casino and making the 1st deposit. This is a standard type of welcome bonus for serious establishments. As a rule, the casino is ready to double your deposit, but it must be within the specified range.

High roller bonus. This is what gamblers who play for high stakes are called. Of course, each online casino is happy to see the high rollers on its website, and therefore the casinos are trying to offer them the best conditions and bonuses for registration.

Bonuses for using a specific payment system, for example, an e-wallet, Visa or Mastercard bank cards. Such bonuses are not uncommon, they serve to increase the popularity of the payment system and increase the loyalty of online casino users.

Fixed prize. It is issued in the form of a certain amount when replenishing the deposit. For example, for every $100, the casino can offer $5 on top.

Bonus valid during a certain period. A kind of fixed prize, but also limited in time.

In conclusion

When comparing a no deposit bonus with a deposit bonus, it seems that the no deposit one is more profitable. But when choosing an online casino with a no deposit bonus, you should know that the casinos make really profitable offers only to their regulars. Only by regularly using all the possibilities of the Canadian casinos, you can count on pleasant bonuses without difficult wagering conditions, as is often the case. Therefore, before accepting the terms of the casino, read them carefully to avoid ‘pitfalls’.

3 Tips and Strategies for Using Free Spins in Online Casinos

Most online casinos offer free spins to attract new customers and improve existing users’ gameplay. Knowing how to claim and use free spins effectively will help improve your gambling experience and maximize your winnings.

But how can you reach this level? Below are three tips and strategies for new and existing casino players to use free spins in online casinos.

1- Understand the Terms and Conditions

Before signing up at your favorite casino site or claiming the free spins bonus, it is usually recommended that you thoroughly review the bonus terms and conditions. Learn if it has a minimum deposit, wagering requirements, withdrawal limits, time limits, and game restrictions.

Regarding game restrictions, playing jackpot slots with low volatility is the best thing to do. Such games payout small winnings with occasional big hits. This way, the whole edge of your free spins will come into play.

Some of the best games to play with your free spins include:

  • Starburst
  • Dragons’ Myth
  • The Mummy
  • Jackhammer
  • Astro Maya
  • Tomb Raider
  • Blood Suckers 11
  • Enchanted Garden

 Wagering requirements refer to the number of times you must bet your free spins before requesting a withdrawal. Free spins with fewer wagering requirements are the best.

2- Play Slots with the Highest RTP

Since punters can use free spins progressively, it is recommended that you play slot games with a high Return-To Player percentage.

This will increase your chances of winning without spending much per spin. Even if your wagers go wrong, you will still win back a portion of your stake.

Casino games with a high RTP include:

  • Blood Suckers (98%)
  • Butterfly Staxx (96.8%)
  • Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets (98.95%)
  • Guns N’ Roses (96.98%)
  • Jimi Hendrix (96.9%)
  • Marching Legions (98.12)
  • Medusa Megaways (97.63%)
  • Mega Joker (99%)
  • Ocean Princess (99.1%)
  • Starmania (97.87%)
  • White Rabbit (97.72%)

3- Adopt a Betting Strategy

A betting strategy when playing with free spins means you won’t solely depend on luck. You can use maximum betting or the progressive approach.

The maximum betting plan is ideal when playing casino games that need a maximum wager to trigger big payouts. In this case, you should bet on games with a vast hypothetical return, such as Ugga Bugga, and stake a high amount to increase your chances of winning big.

Alternatively, you can make progressive bets across multiple pay lines. Spreading your wagers allows you to extend your gameplay and increase your chances of securing a winning combination in the long run.


Free spins are worth it because they are primarily free; you don’t need an initial deposit to activate them. Therefore, the more they have, the higher your chances of winning.

To claim enough free spins, look for casino sites offering plenty of them, sign up, and claim them before the set time limit expires.

Sign up for your favorite online casinos and implement these three tips and strategies to maximize your free spins bonus offer. You will always get it right. 

What to Odds to the 49ers have to make it in the 2023 NFL season?

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of potential in the 2023 NFL season, and many believe they could be Super Bowl contenders. With their young core of talent, it’s easy to see why their odds to win the championship are quite high. Currently, the Niners are getting +500 from big-name sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline, placing them just behind the Packers as the second-best bet in the NFC.

But what makes San Francisco’s odds so attractive? Is it their high-powered offense, led by quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and running back Raheem Mostert? Or is it their swarming defense, spearheaded by All-Pros like Fred Warner and the relentless pass rush of Nick Bosa?

The answer is probably a combination of both. On the offensive side, Garoppolo has proven himself to be one of the top young QBs in the league, while Mostert looks to continue his breakout season behind an improved run-blocking unit. Meanwhile, San Francisco’s defense has the potential to be incredibly dominant, with a few more pieces added via free agency or the draft.

But there is also an intangible factor at play here. The 49ers are led by head coach Kyle Shanahan, who already has a Super Bowl appearance on his resume from his time in Atlanta. Apart from having the offensive and defensive systems in place, Shanahan also has the trust of his players and coaches that few teams can match. This bodes well for San Francisco’s odds in 2023.

It’s hard not to like the 49ers’ chances for the upcoming season. With a talented young core, an experienced head coach, and plenty of motivation after coming so close in 2020, San Francisco should be a serious contender to win the championship. And their +500 odds make them an even more attractive bet. If you’re looking for a smart wager in the 2023 NFL season, look no further than the 49ers. Curious about odds on the  San Francisco 49ers? Check out Carl Manssons predictions and picks on Gambla. 

Will Shanahan Take the 49ers to the 2023 Playoffs?

Kyle Shanahan is one of the most respected coaches in the NFL. After a successful stint as offensive coordinator in Washington and Atlanta, he was hired by the San Francisco 49ers to be their head coach in 2017. Since then, he has led them to immense success, taking them to a Super Bowl appearance in 2020 and receiving numerous awards along the way.

Shanahan is renowned for his offensive prowess, having built some of the most explosive offenses in the league during his time both Washington and Atlanta. His focuses on stretching defenses horizontally to up running lanes for backs give quarterbacks plenty of space to plays down. He also puts a heavy emphasis on pre-snap and post-snap reads, allowing his quarterbacks to find the best open target.

But Shanahan’s brilliance doesn’t end with offense. He has proven himself to be an excellent leader of men, earning the respect of his players by demanding hard work and dedication from all on the field. His attention to detail is unmatched, as he pays close attention to the little things that make all the difference.

This combination of offensive prowess and leadership has made Shanahan one of the top coaches in the NFL, and it’s easy to understand why he is so beloved by San Francisco 49ers fans. With him at the helm, there’s no doubt that they are a Super Bowl contender for many years to come. He may not have the most wins in the league, but Kyle Shanahan is certainly one of the best coaches in football today. 

How to Choose a Reputable Online Casino: A Guide to Selecting a Trustworthy and Secure Online Casino


The greatest casino games are now as close as your computer, thanks to the rise of online casinos. Gambling has been made easier since advanced technology has led to the rise of online devices, which many own. Those users with smartphones and computers have the most incredible time gambling, for they can practise this even in their comfort zones. Internet casinos offer a service through the world wide web by which users can make real-time wagers—looking for the best online casino to play your favourite games? Then has all the games you need to play whenever you are in your comfort zone and using your phone or computer. Are you a user and must avoid online casino sites that will scam you out of your money by playing unfair games? This article has everything to consider when selecting the best online casino. 

The Reputation of the Online Casino 

When dealing with questionable online casinos and cyber criminals, a site’s reputation is more important than anything else. Most users do not realize that online gambling has its own unique set of dangers that do not exist. It is good to read as many evaluations as possible. It would be best to get comfortable investigating these online casino websites to determine the best site to work with. Check other users’ reviews to ensure the online casino site is legit. 

Security of a Gambling Site 

Every user cares much about their money, and for you to engage in gambling means using real money. Be sure that it is your responsibility as a user to verify that the online casino you select to play at offers a safe, secure, and fair environment for financial transactions. However, learning which companies created and developed a particular casino will help you determine players’ safety levels. It should be clear and stated that the security of gambling sites is especially significant in all countries offering these online casino sites. 

Casino Promotions and Bonuses 

Many top-rated casinos offer specific incentives to users for registering, depositing, and participating in a specific event. Users can also hunt for promotional codes that can get them free spins. Every online casino its developers create is expected to have more users and attract users. Many online gambling sites offer several freebies, including free spins, welcome packages, promotional offers, and gifts. Make sure you don’t assume these bonuses, seeing them like tricks since they are often offered to serve their purpose by the best online casinos. 

Check the Banking Options

Playing real money online casinos requires you to register an account and deposit cash into these casino accounts. This can be risky, so it is good before you deposit any money to be sure of your banking options. Some genuine payment options online casinos use include prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards, and money transfers. Note that credit card companies do not allow chargebacks on gambling activities. 

Casino Online Safety: How to Protect Yourself When Gaming Online

Gambling online is not only a fun way to spend your time, but can also be an amazing way to make quick easy money. However, it is easy to throw caution to the wind, focus on your online slot strategy, and forget about your safety.

Most casinos like put the necessary measures to ensure you can safely play on their platform. Unfortunately, even casinos are so limited and there is only so much they can do. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the buck stops with you to safeguard your security.

Do not share personal information

While this goes without saying, scammers are using ingenious ways to get your personal information using fake promotions, bonuses, and games. 

Be wary of anyone asking you to share your login information or details on any payment methods you use. Ensure you verify if an email or link is indeed from the casino before giving out information or clicking on links.

When selecting a casino password, get a strong password that someone cannot easily guess. Any passwords you write down should be kept away from the prying eyes of others. Regularly change your casino password to increase security. 

Moreover, bank details should never be shared. Keep your bank details to yourself, particularly the details at the back (CV2 and expiration date).   

Research the casino

Gambling is a profitable business. New casinos keep cropping up every day and it can be difficult to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent ones. To avoid being conned by fraudulent schemes, you will need to conduct some research prior to gambling.

Most casinos strive to make their platforms safe. Nevertheless, there are key areas you can investigate before you register or use any casino platform. 

The first thing any player should do is verify the casino is a legitimate one. When casinos are licensed and regulated by an authority, it is easier to lodge a complaint if an issue arises. The UK Gambling Commission gives players the option to confirm if a casino is licensed using the public register

Secondly, You want a casino that takes your privacy seriously and keeps your financial information private. You should ensure the casino has security policies in place that promote confidentiality. It should also offer safe reliable payment methods. 

Check if the casino has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates. These are security measures that make any website secure. To confirm this

  • Go to the casino’s website and click on the three dots at the top right of your Chrome page.
  • Scroll to the More Tools option and select Developer Tools.
  • Click on the Security Tab at the top. You will see whether the page is secure. 

Finally, you will also need to know and understand the casino’s house edge. Look for a fair casino whose system or games are not rigged against you. You do not want to keep putting your money where you cannot win. Check if the casino has a high RTP (return-to-player) rating. This way, you will be able to get better payouts. 

Consider using an e-wallet

Most casinos offer players different payment options, including bank transfers, vouchers, debit and credit cards, and e-wallets. E-wallets like PayPal are a great alternative to using credit or debit cards since they usually require two-factor authentication making them more secure. 

Research new games before playing

Research all games you are unfamiliar with before playing. Learn the rules and strategies first and then practice before placing your stakes. This will help you understand where you’re putting your money and hopefully prevent you from making losses.

Research new bonuses and promotions

Casinos use bonuses and promotions to attract and retain punters. While these bonuses and promotions are a great way to earn while you save, it is important to research these offers to avoid being scammed, especially if they are not coming directly from the casino. 

Use a VPN

Whenever you are browsing the internet, your location and IP address becomes visible. This is where a VPN comes in. VPN or a Virtual Private Network hides that information and makes it harder for anyone to access your location and other details. VPNs come in handy if you do a lot of online financial transactions. 

Avoid public networks

Playing an online casino game is impossible without an internet connection. When you lack an internet connection, you can easily be tempted to use an open or free network. Free networks pose a  huge security threat and can be used to spread malware, which hackers can use to access your device and personal information. 

Pace yourself

The thrill that comes with winning can lead to a gambling addiction if you do not set time and money limits. If you feel like you can’t stop thinking about it and keep on playing even when you are losing, seek help. 


Look at reviews of casinos before registering. Player reviews will help you know whether a casino is trustworthy. If the negative reviews are more, avoid that casino. Always trust your gut. 

We Partner Up With to Do Good! has launched the initiative “iGaming for the future” with the goal of Uniting the Gambling Industry to do Good. We want to help!

We have joined forces with them to combat malaria. Malaria, which is spread through mosquitoes, kills more than 625 000 people each year. Approximately 70 percent of the victims are children under five years old, and the disease kills pregnant women by the millions.

Through this collaboration, we have raised and donated enough money to buy and distribute 504 mosquito nets in Kampemda ZdS, the Haut Katanga province in Congo. Approximately 908 cases of malaria will be prevented due to these nets.

During the night, mosquitoes are most dangerous since that is when humans are most vulnerable. Mosquito nets are used to protect people from mosquitoes.

These 432 250 nets have been donated in addition to those being distributed in the Congo. This map shows where Congo is, on the left, and on the right, where the different deliveries of nets are in Congo.

It was a privilege to participate in this event, thanks to Changing the world for the better means saving children’s lives. Thank you for both your dedication and your mission.

About – Online casino for good

An unusual online casino project, aims to make the world a better place. The site focuses on online casinos in New Jersey, and reviews online casinos like Spin Casino and various casino games, just like most casino websites. As with other affiliates, they also partner up with big casinos such as Tropicana NJ, BetMGM, Unibet, and SugarHouse.

They are unique in that all their profits go to different charities, which is what sets them apart from other affiliate sites. Since the company was founded by Erik Bergman, they have donated over $4 000 000 to prevent malaria, stop global warming, and clean the oceans.

Mostly, they focus on highly effective charities where the results can be measured and traced. The Against Malaria Foundation, which received donations from this partnership, is ranked among the top charities in the world by multiple experts and shows clearly where and how mosquito nets are distributed.

We are delivering our nets through this partnership, and you can see it here. You will also receive regular email updates about when the nets reach the people in need when you donate.

Here you can see how the nets from our partnership are delivered.’s long-term objective is to be able to give billions of dollars to various charities every year. Firstly by generating profits themselves, and subsequently by uniting the iGaming industry into a powerful force.

Bonuses and new casino sites

New Casinos New Changes

We have lately seen a big increase in new casino sites in the UK. For many years the UK gambling market been quite turbulent and this seems to be related to the UK Gambling Commission, also called UKGC. From month to month they have been coming up with new rules like deposit limits, new safe gambling tools and other. During last months things seems more stable, most probably because no new changes been coming out. We really hope it will continue like this for the rest of the year.

Last months almost a new casino per week been launched in the UK. We are very positive to new casinos since it also adds new experiences for the gamblers. Last casino we reviewed here on CasinoAdvisers is the casino Metal Casino. You can find more information of the brand if you visit the review page.

Bonuses with new casinos

Since new casinos need to attract players they often launch a very big first deposit bonus. We truly love this since it gives more back to the gamblers. Make sure you check our list of new online casinos and the bonuses they have to offer.

During 2021 we also seen that most casinos focus a lot on offering fast payouts which is a huge win for all players.

Gonzo’s Quest Live Casino Game

New game from Evolution

In end of November Evolution Gaming Group announced that they made a public offer to acquire all shares in NetEnt. NetEnt and Evolution had been competitors with live casino games but NetEnt also offers Slots which they don’t. This acquisition can now been seen as one of the more strategic happenings in the last couple of years in the gambling scene.

gonzos treasure hunt live

I’m sure that you’ve seen games like Starburst, Gonzo’s quest, Mega Fortune and other popular games from Netent. We can now see that Evolution starting to work on this popular games titles again and giving them a facelift. First out to get a new life has been announced to be Gonzo’s quest which now will be available as a live game.

What to expect from Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

The awesome new name of this game will be Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live. It will be based on the popular slot-machine Gonzo’s Quest Slot. From what we seen it will be a combination between Dream Catcher Live and Cash Hunt bonus from Crazy Time. It has a high RTP (Return to Player) of 96.5% and can payout up to 20 000 times your stake!

Craps from Evolution

New Game from Evolution

For a few weeks ago Evolution released a new game craps. They are the first gaming provider that have managed to create this as a live game. We have been super excited to try it and can now say that it’s definitely one of the best casino games we have played.

When in the game you will find four features, “my numbers”, “easy mode”, “tutorial & “dynamic statistics” . They are all there to help you through your session.

An RNG variant of Craps has also been added to Evolution’s growing portfolio of First Person games. Like all Evolution First Person games, the RNG version of Craps includes a “GO LIVE” button that moves the player to the live version of the game.

Comment by Game Producer

Craps complements our gaming portfolio in terms of offering all the games you can find in a land-based casino. Developing the game and capturing the unique excitement of Craps, but in an online environment, was a complex project. The team has done a fantastic job and we now have a finished product that I know will excite Craps enthusiasts in all our markets as well as attract new players, says Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution.

We understand that not everyone knows how to play Craps. Therefore, we have made it possible to choose to play in “easy mode” and in addition there is an interactive online tutorial that clearly explains how the game works. Craps has been the most sought after game by both players and operators for several years – now it’s finally here. I think players will love it, Todd Haushalter continued.

New Casinos Added

New Listings on CasinoAdvisers

Today we can announce that we have now started working with a few new casino sites. This gives us the chance to offer our players even more to choose from when playing online. Here you will find different bonuses, payment offers and a great variety of games to choose between.

Reviewing new casinos

Before we start sending players to these new casinos we always try it first ourselves. This is mostly for us to be able to see and explain what you as a player can expect from this sites. One of the new casinos we added is Playluck Casino. They offer all new players bonuses on their 4 first deposits which is very unique. They have a wagering requirement of 35x which is fair when comparing to the other sites in the market